Hypercompetent Sidekick

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The ever-exhausted sidekick to an Idiot Hero, the Hypercompetent Sidekick always knows what they are doing and are the best at what they do. That might be martial arts, or magic, or intelligence. There is often significant cross-over between the Badass Bookworm and the Hypercompetent Sidekick. Why is the Hypercompetent Sidekick not the Hero of the story? Maybe they aren't the Chosen One, or maybe they just aren't interested in the Limelight. Legolas Greenleaf, Sancho Panza and Tywin Lannister insome respects, suit this trope to a T.

Violet-toned stone grey matte shade. It fades softly into the background so that other characters can take centre stage. But it still does its job beautifully!


Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Manganese Violet, Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax

Our jars do not come with sifters. This colour is vegan. NOT Lip Safe!

Thank you to AmberXenon for the eye swatch! Visit her blog here.