Giedi Prime

"The old Baron decreed a meridian-to-meridian rest from labors, and effort had been spend in the family city of Harko to create the illusion of gaiety: banners flew from buildings, new paint had been splashed on the walls along Court Way. But off the main way, Count Fenring and his lady noted the rubbish heaps, the scabrous brown walls reflected in the dark puddles of the streets, and the furtive scurrying of the people."

                                       Frank Herbert, Dune


This set of five eyeshadow shades is inspired by the industrial wasteland of the Harkonnen home planet, Giedi Prime, and its less than savoury House Harkonnen:

  • Harkonnen, a shimmer yellow-toned taupe eyeshadow. 
  • Piter, a medium peachy pink shimmer shade.
  • Hunter-Seeker, a medium matte olive green with yellowish undertones.
  • Feyd-Rautha, a darker matte olive green.
  • Suspensors, a matte mustard yellow eyeshadow. 

These colours can be purchased together as a bundle or separately as single shades.