Have you ever had a day where things just don't go the way you expect? That's a Hamhoff. Based entirely on the attempts for autocorrect to handle the name of our shade, Gom Jabbar. Gom Hoffman, Ham Jabber and Arch Hoofson are three such attempts for the autocorrect to fail spectacularly wrapping its head about the world of DUNE.  And also it was hilarious. 

The HAMHOFF collection is where short runs of oopsy-daisy colours will live. These are colours that either didn't turn out exactly how I'd expect, or are a result of poor decision making skills. They will be sold in half-sizes until there is none of the single batch left. Keep an eye out here, or sign up for our e-mail alerts to get your hands on some gorgeous, single-batch colours. They will be limited and one-time-only!

Enjoy the ham.