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Not sure what to try first? Get a Discovery Flight and  try 5 different scents at once!  In this Discovery Flight you'll get 1 1mL sample of each of the following 5 fragrances:

Trickster: A playful blend of tomato leaf, tobacco, neroli, melon, oakmoss and musk, topped by just a twist of grapefruit.

Mother of the Stars:  Opens with a spray of sea breeze and bright lime, followed by a heart of lotus, lemongrass, ginger and tropical fruit on a base of ambergris and cedar.

Celestial Fox:  A spicy blend of ginger, cardamom and clove pairs with lotus and champaca flowers over a resinous golden amber and sandalwood base. A splash of bitter orange completes.

Heart of the Mountain:  Golden copal and honey with a hint of sweet vanilla support a bright, fruity blend of pineapple, tobacco, cinnamon leaf, black pepper and citrus.

Maiden Crane:  A bouquet of roses, jasmine and bitter orange blossom, sprigs of rosemary, ginger and tangerine, sandalwood and cedar.

Please see the shop pages for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!

  • These scents are vegan.
  • Sample sizes are 1mL each packaged in 2mL bottles. 

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Catherine Cormier

Good selection of fragrances and I have enjoyed all of them.