Master Scent List

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A playful blend of tomato leaf, tobacco, neroli, melon, oakmoss and musk, topped by just a twist of grapefruit.

Mother of the Stars: 
Opens with a spray of sea breeze and bright lime, followed by a heart of lotus, lemongrass, ginger and tropical fruit on a base of ambergris and cedar.

Celestial Fox: 
A spicy blend of ginger, cardamom and clovepairs with lotus and champaca flowers over a resinous golden amber and sandalwood base. A splash of bitter orange completes.

Heart of the Mountain: 
Golden copal annd honey with a hint of sweet vanilla support a bright, fruity blend of pineapple, tobacco, cinnamon leaf, black pepper and citrus.

Maiden Crane: 
A bouquet of roses, jasmine and bitter orange blossom, sprigs of rosemary, ginger and tangerine, sandalwood and cedar.

Ghost Whale: 
Stormy sea air, clary sage, black pepper, jasmine green tea, ambergris, cedar and agarwood.

Prismatic Crow: 
Soft woods, dark forest fruits, dry pine needles, juniper branches and a wisp of smoke.

Heaven's Equal: 
Spiced banana custard. Banana, clove and cinnamon blended with sweet vanilla and honey topped with sticky caramel.

Moon Rabbit: 

A night garden of white florals; gardenia, jasmine and ylang ylang, pale silver amber, white musk, and a hint of grapefruit and basil. 

Capra Amaltheia: 
Smoking incense, honeyed figs spiced with saffron and black pepper, sweet olive flowers, sprigs of clary sage and slices of lemon. 

Master of Bears: 
A chilly blend of eucalyptus, orris, geranium, juniper berry, musk and leather.

Bearer of Secrets: 
A warm, woody blend of oak, oakmoss and vetiver softened with soft purple lilac, juicy sweet peach and brightened with bergamot.

Lady Featherflight: 

Soft floral blend of lilac, lavender, osmanthus and heliotrope, a hint of clove and clary sage, white amber and musk.

Russian leather, vetiver and black musk, deep red roses, a cup of honeyed black tea, tobacco, black pepper and a twist of sweet orange. 

Sea Wolf:
Pine woods, beach air, narcissus, red musk, ambergris, patchouli.