Jumping at Bluebottles

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"His companion seemed less at ease. He was small, with wide, staring eyes and a way of raising and turning his head which suggested not so much caution as a kind of nervous tension. His nose moved continually and when a bumble-bee flew humming to a thistle bloom behind him, he jumped and spun around with a start that sent two nearby rabbits scurrying for holes before the nearest, a buck with black-tipped ears, recognized him and returned to feeding. 'Oh, it's only Fiver,' said the black-tipped rabbit, 'jumping at blue-bottles again. Come on, Buckthorn, what were you telling me?' 'Fiver?' said the other rabbit. 'Why's he called that?' 'Five in the litter, you know: he was the last - and the smallest. You'd wonder nothing got him by now. I always say a man couldn't see him and a fox wouldn't want him.'"

This cool brown shadow features a duochrome overlay of coral pink. Inspired by the seer of the Down.

Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax

Our jars do not come with sifters. This colour is vegan. Lip safe!

Thank you to AmberXenon for the eye swatch! Visit her blog here.