1. What is this whole refill thing?

Our refill options are packaged in sample baggies, but they're the weight of a half-sized or full-sized product. You can use them for pressing, or to refill one of our jars, or just because you like the more compact storage option.  The refills come with the label art sticker affixed to a sticker sheet so that you can put it wherever you like. The bags will have the ingredients label affixed to them. 

2. My matte eyeshadows seem to have less product in them than my shimmers do. What's up with that?

All of our jar products are packaged by weight. The full size shadow is 2g of product in a 5ml jar, and where the product's density is low enough to where 2g does not fit in the jar, the excess will be provided in a sample baggie (you might see this in some of our more shimmery shades.) The half-size jar is 1g of product with the samesample baggie overflow. 

Our samples are 1/8th of a teaspoon, which will vary in weight for the different products. 

The density of the matte eyeshadows, because they are high in pigmentation, means that 2g fills the jar less than mica-heavy shadows would. 

3. I want to press my shadows. How would you suggest I do this?

Our shadows are pretty high in iron oxide and ultramarine pigments compared to some brands. We also use mica coated in carnauba wax, which acts as a binder. To press our shadows, you can use a commercial pressing medium, like TKB's MyMix Clear Pressing Medium, or a mixture of a shelf stable oil and an antioxidant, such as jojoba oil and vitamin e oil, or fractionated coconut oil and rosemary extract. Do not use glycerin! It attracts water like nothing else, and can cause mold to grow on your pressed pigment. Add your mixture drop by drop into your eyeshadow.

We would suggest, as the shadows tend to have a higher concentration of oxide and ultramarine pigments, that you use a very small amount of pressing medium and help distribute it using 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol.  You can always shatter and repress if your pressed shadow it too soft, but it's very difficult, if not impossible to fix a shadow that's been pressed too hard!

Once your shadow has the consistency of wet sand, put it into the pan and smooth out, and cover with a small piece of muslin cloth or paper towel. Then you can use a pressing tool (or with 26mm pans, I use a Canadian quarter for my own purposes!) and gently tamp it down. You don't want to press too hard.  Allow to dry thoroughly before use. 

 4. My shadow looks different from the photo!

We strive our very best to have the photo accurately represent the colour. However, computer monitors can vary, and what may look accurate on my screen may not be accurate on yours. There is also some batch variation inherent in the hand-blended process, but I keep samples of each colour design to compare against to keep them as close as possible. If you are truly disappointed in the shade, please do get in touch and we can try to resolve the issue. 

Sometimes it can be down to application and what kind of bases or adhesives you're using. Try a few different approaches. Our shadows are swatched and tested over a concealer base that is set with a normal translucent powder, or occasionally a nude eyeshadow. If your swatch does not match ours, that may be the cause.  

Karen's skin hovers somewhere around NW-10, and leans neutral. If your undertones are different, the pigments may look different on you when swatched. :)

5. When is your next sale? Do you offer discount codes?

We do two annual sales: An anniversary sale in May and a Christmas sale in late October. Why late October - it's not Christmas gone mad, I promise! We have our Christmas sale that early in order for all orders to arrive to arrive well in advance of the holiday. I know how disappointing it can be to order a gift, only to have it arrive after the day it's supposed to be given!   Late October was chosen to account for a possible lengthened turn-around time, increased mail volumes in general and so that Karen can take some time off at Christmas. 

As for other deals through coupon codes, they will almost certainly come up for various reasons! The best way to keep up with them is on social media, or sign up to our e-mail newsletter. Newsletter members may also receive exclusive discounts, so it's worth it! We promise not to send you anything other than promotions and business updates this way.

6. Wait, take some time off at Christmas?

I live several thousands of miles away from my family, and make it a point to travel home for a few weeks over Christmas-time. This is a yearly engagement, and so I won't be running any Boxing Day sales, or New Year's sales.  The turn around time will increase during this time, but the shop will remain open for orders with a limited stock.  Generally I take off 2-3 weeks, from mid-December to early January.

Orders made between December 15 and January 1 will be subject to limited stock, but orders made  in the New Year will be open to all stock. Generally, you can expect limited stock to include the most recent two collections and a handful of best sellers. Please drop us a line if you are planning to make a purchase during this period and want to know whether we will carry the products you have in mind!

Stock will ship from Canada at this time, and any changes to shipping cost will be absorbed by Crow & Pebble.  Shipping to North American destinations may also be lower at this time, and the difference will be refunded!

7. What else can I use these pigments for?

Paint! No, really! Mix 1 part gum arabic, 1 part honey and 1 part glycerin with 3 parts water. Then mix with the pigment in a 1:1 ratio. This will make a gouache or watercolour that can add some kinda neat effects to a piece of work.;) Spray with a fixative afterward for best staying power. :D