Choose Your Own Sampler Flight

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Choose your own set of five perfume samples of the scents currently available.  Each A sample size 1ml of fragrance and packages in small amber glass bottles. Mix and match as you see fit! 

Please see the master scent list page for fragrances that are currently available, as well as the complete set of descriptions for each scent. 


Please see the product pages for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!


  • These scents are vegan.
  • Any notes related to animal products, such as honey, ambergris and musks are artistic accords and do not contain any animal products.
  • Sample sizes are 1g each packaged in 2mL amber glass bottles. 1g of fragrance oil is slightly more than 1mL in volume. We package by weight for a consistent volume in each sample. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ivana Miladinovic
Absolutely fantastic

I haven't had the chance to try everything that I got just yet - but everything that I've tried has been absolutely fantastic. The oils linger on my skin much longer than I had expected and have so far been very consistent with the descriptions provided. Could not recommend more!

Raging Machine
Loved it

Arrived well and intact. No leaks, scuffs, or cracks. I discovered a few new favorites right off the bat. Capra Amaltheia and Heart of the Mountain were excellent!!

Fabulous Scents

Such a fantastic idea, I loved being able to build my own sampler collection with scents that matched my favourite types. Loved being able to try out many different scents. Now having trouble which one(s) I love the most in order to purchase a full size 1, or 2, or 3 lmao


Wonderful little bottles of perfume, all of them smell so good!

Ahma Hokkanen
Bearer of great scents

I am absolutely thrilled with my order from Crow and Pebble! The parcel arrived very fast and the scents are amazing. I got Prismatic Crow, Lupercalia, Trickster, Bearer of Secrects and Capra Amaltheia. Will totally order more samples and full size at least Bearer of Secrets!