Choose Your Own Sampler Flight

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Choose your own set of five perfume samples of the scents currently available.  Each A sample size 1ml of fragrance and packages in small amber glass bottles. Mix and match as you see fit! 

Please see the master scent list page for fragrances that are currently available, as well as the complete set of descriptions for each scent. 


Please see the product pages for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!


  • These scents are vegan.
  • Any notes related to animal products, such as honey, ambergris and musks are artistic accords and do not contain any animal products.
  • Sample sizes are 1g each packaged in 2mL amber glass bottles. 1g of fragrance oil is slightly more than 1mL in volume. We package by weight for a consistent volume in each sample. 

Customer Reviews

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I've ordered a few sample sets and had fun trying them out. I liked most of them enough to wear them, and the smell lasts for a while.
The bottles are really cute as well, and easier to open than those little vials. Might consider fullsizing some of them or trying out more scents, as there are many that sound interesting.

Baylea Hart

Choose Your Own Sampler Flight

Exactly as Expected

Bottles are small, but perfect for sampling the different scents! Came with a customized card with all of the scents neatly and clearly labeled and explained. Originally bought these to add a bit of pizazz to my space while playing online TTRPGs-- sounds silly, maybe, but it's a big hobby of mine. I'm really happy with each of the scents, and am probably going to purchase larger ones of my favorites once these run out.

Great Little Sample Bundle

I found Crow & Pebble on a witchy reddit thread about unique and handmade scents, so I thought why not give it a try?
Found their entire list of scents, notes and what they would smell like over all very easy on their website and after sometime choosing I found the scents that seemed like the ones the ones for me. I love sweet scents, fruity, just soft cute scents mainly so I went with Dawnbringer, Queen of Elphame, Hobgoblin, She bear and Heaven's equal.
To my surprise 4 out of the 5 scents I'd chosen I had actually liked, only one was a no no for me. And they came in these cute little vials with a stopper and lid so not to leak if you were carrying them in your bag.
I ended up ordering a full perfume bottle of Dawn bringer and other sample kit for my next order and I can't wait. Definitely one of my go to small businesses for some unique scents.

Frankie Porter
A lovely way to sample these incredible scents

I’ve had a couple of these sampler flights now and will definitely be trying more in future! Scents arrived promptly in super cute tiny bottles with no leakage, and the bespoke printed postcard with the description of each was a really lovely touch, very appreciated. Opening each one was a beautiful sensory experience and I’ve loved each of the gorgeous, complex smells, even though not all of them are right for me personally. This would make a lovely gift - the only difficulty is narrowing down which ones to choose!

The samples I’ve had so far are: Moon Rabbit, Prismatic Crow, Dangerous Places, She-Bear, Lupercalia, Seven Poor Princesses, Hobgoblin, Desert Mouse, Restless Spirit, Ghost Whale.
My taste is for warm/cosy/musky/spicy/smoky/gourmandy scents (I’m not a big fan of clean smells or florals). I’ll be FSing Hobgoblin, Lupercalia and Desert Mouse, and I’m still trialling She-Bear, Dangerous Places, Restless Spirit and Seven Poor Princesses.