Choose Your Own Sampler Flight

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Choose your own set of five perfume samples of the scents currently available.  Each A sample size 1ml of fragrance and packages in small amber glass bottles. Mix and match as you see fit! 

Please see the master scent list page for fragrances that are currently available, as well as the complete set of descriptions for each scent. 


Please see the product pages for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!


  • These scents are vegan.
  • Any notes related to animal products, such as honey, ambergris and musks are artistic accords and do not contain any animal products.
  • Sample sizes are 1g each packaged in 2mL amber glass bottles. 1g of fragrance oil is slightly more than 1mL in volume. We package by weight for a consistent volume in each sample. 

Customer Reviews

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Very love and long lasting perfume oils. 💖

Sophie H.
Enjoyed the experience, LOVE Celestial Fox

I heard about these perfumes through an indie makeup subreddit and was excited to try them. I love that there are a variety of samplers to try and it's very reasonably priced. The master scent list is a useful resource and I enjoyed the process of picking out my scents.

As a total novice when it comes to perfume I had no idea what I liked and didn't like. Unfortunately I only ended up liking one of the five that I picked, which was Celestial Fox. It's a really warm, spicy scent that I think really reflects its descriptors on the master scent list - I would absolutely buy a bigger size of it. I can't quite work out what it is about the other scents that's not for me (Prismatic Crow, Zelda, Dryad Matriarch, Friend of Deers) but I can see how they would appeal to other people with different preferences.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase and will definitely buy more. The perfumes are long lasting with some underlying notes still coming through the next day. The little bottles make them easy to reapply if you want to. It took one week from purchase to delivery and the sampler was very safely packaged and small enough to fit through the letterbox. I highly recommend trying them!


This is an amazing deal and a great way to get a selection of perfumes.

Zoe Vallis
Great way to sample a variety

I selected a variety of smells in my sampler flight (Father Frost, Black Cat Winking, Tom Caribou’s Bear, Ghost Whale and Dawn Bringer) and have fallen in love with all of them. The smells have such a rich, layered dimension to them, and getting to try a bunch in small amounts was very helpful for deciding which ones I want to get in full size. The sampler bottles are easy to open and use, no fiddling about required. I also think that it can help to let the oils rest a few days after they arrive, since I found the samples needed to settle after transportation before the true scent emerged.


My skin doesn't seem to like most perfumes so my experience was expected but I'm sure others, based on the amount of positive reviews, will love these