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Take 15% off pre-selected bundles of makeup samples! Try a few shades all at once without the randomness of the Mystery Case. These are curated according to particular themes or colour stories. Select a bundle from the drop-down list and the product photo will change to an arm swatch photo of those shades together!

Bundle Options

Best-Sellers: Petrochemical Sheen, The Voice, Killing Time, Feyd Rautha and One Cloud is Lonely
Popular Reds: Devotion to Duty, Broken Down Truck, Idiot Hero, Atreides, Maker of Wonders
Popular Oranges: Smiled Like A Knife, Sayyadina, Fremen, Spice Agony, Impatient Champion
Popular Yellows/Golds: Suspensors, A Stray Sunbeam, Shaddam IV, The Council Were Merciful, Trees Under Heaven Crowned in the Sun
Popular Greens: Feyd Rautha, Badass Bookworm, Gom Jabbar, Horns of the Hunter, Dweller in Deeps
Popular Blues: Blue Within Blue, Kwisatz Haderach, Breath of Arda, Artists Like Ghosts, Water of Life
Popular Violets: It Watches, Killing Time, Chaotic Stupid, Hypercompetent Sidekick, The Great Revolt
Popular Pinks: The Princess Irulan, Piter, Corinno, Princess Badass, Apron Matron
Popular Grayscale: Reverend Mother, Litany Against Fear, Day of Doom, Brotherhood of Funny Hats, Harness Bells
Popular Browns: Petrochemical Sheen, The Spice Must Flow, Shai Hulud, Whisky Priest, Trusty Steed
Omens: Petrochemical Sheen, Broken Down Truck, Smiled Like A Knife, Newtrition, Devotion to Duty
Giedi Prime: Harkonnen, Feyd Rautha, Hunter-Seeker, Piter, Suspensors
Corinno, The Princess Irulan, The Great Revolt, Shaddam IV, The Spice Must Flow
Bene Gesserit: 
The Voice, Gom Jabbar, The Lady Jessica, Reverend Mother, Litany Against Fear
Shai Hulud, Sayyadina, Blue Within Blue, Stillsuit, Fremen
 Duke Leto, Atreides, Idaho, Hawat, Halleck
Usul, Muad'Dib, Spice Agony, Kwisatz Haderach, Water of Life
Strong Female Lead: 
Princess Badass, Apron Matron, Magical Nanny, Hypercompetent Sidekick, Plucky Orphan
Comedic Fantasy:
 Idiot Hero, Trusty Steed, Chaotic Stupid, Wandering Poet, A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned Evil
Dark & Stormy Night: 
Fumbling Magician, Whisky Priest, Intrepid Merchant, Sucksessor, Brotherhood of Funny Hats
Swords & Sorcery: 
Badass Bookworm, Vain Sorceress, Mysterious Waif, Grumbling Barkeep, Audience Surrogate 
Captains of Efrafa: 
Captain of the Mark, Heavy and Savage, Expert Tracker, An Enterprising Officer, Wide Patrol
Chief Rabbits: 
Chief Rabbit, The General, One Cloud is Lonely, Approaching Thunder, Underground, Safe and Sound
We Need Does: 
Violet's Gone, Birdsong, A Movement of Leaves, Maiden Forlorn, Escape the Hutch
Stories of El-Ahrairah: 
More Stories than Passages, Roof Made of Bones, Jumping at Bluebottles, Unnatural Rabbits, It Floats, Hazel
The Owsla: 
King of Cats, A Rabbit of Consequence, Caught the Moonlight, Starveall, Under the Elder Bloom
Unlikely Heroes: 
Dew in a Thistle-Cup, Become a Water-Rabbit, Trees in November, Until Acorns Grow on Thistles, The Council Were Merciful
Primordial Spirits: 
Swift as the Wind, Trees Under Heaven Crowned in the Sun, Star Kindler, Dweller in Deeps, Breath of Arda
Avatars of Man: 
Maker of Wonders, Horns of the Hunter, Doomsman, Rest for the Weary, Impatient Champion
Ways of Arda: 
Day of Doom, Desire and Dreams, Pity and Patience, Webs of History, In Full Bloom
Leaden Sieves, Artists Like Ghosts, Summer's Empty Room, Alabaster Wool, Celestial Veil
A Visitor: 
Eight Tiny Reindeer, Arose Such A Clatter, Not Even A Mouse, Lustre of Mid-Day, Visions of Sugarplums
Snowy Woods: 
Miles to Go, Frozen Lake, Whose Woods These Are, My Little Horse, Harness Bells
Eleanor Vance: Journeys End in Lovers Meeting, Cloak of Fury, A House Without Kindness, I Am A Stray Cat, A Pair of Stone Lions
Hill House: White Cat on the Step, Cup of Stars, It Watches, No Live Organism, A Stray Sunbeam
Matte Rainbow: Fuzzer, Cache Eviction, Nondeterminism, Curse of Dimensionality, Paxos
Matte Lights: Simplex, Context Switch, Algorithm Configuration, Cylindrification, Three Phase Commit
Matte Darks: Semantic Tree, Random Forest, Byzantine Generals, Memory Leak, Abstract Interface
Adventures 1: Pepper-Box, Grin Without A Cat, Curiouser and Curiouser, Treacle-Well, Orange Marmalade
Adventures 2: The Gryphon, The Little Crocodile, Atom of Meaning, Off With Her Head!, Caucus-Race
Adventures 3: Oh My Ears and Whiskers!, DRINK ME, We're All Mad Here, I Shall Be Late!, Twinkle, Twinkle
Adventures 4: Without A Porpoise, The Antipathies, Ravens and Writing Desks, Hookah-Smoking Caterpillar, Do Cats Eat Bats?
Adventures 5: Fish-Footman, Reeling and Writhing, Mock Turtle, Bill the Lizard, Stuff and Nonsense!
Adventures 6: Croquet With the Queen, Painting Roses, Lobster Quadrille, Flamingo Mallets, Knave of Hearts


Please see individual product pages for ingredients lists and lip safety information.


  • All shades available here are vegan.
  • A sample size eyeshadow contains 1/8 teaspoon (approximately 0.25g) of product in a small sample baggie. This can be upgraded to a 5mL jar without sifter for a small fee.
  • Products are filled by volume as weight can vary between shades.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Lovely selection of colours. They are brighter than I thought they’d be. Nice quality.


Beautiful selection of colours!

Love it!

These sample bundles were so lovely! The eyeshadow pigments are great and I’ll definitely be buying some of the perfume samples again as they smell wonderful! :)

Raging Machine
Loved it

I loved all the eyeshadows in the bundle! Excellent mix of matte and shimmer colors that flatter all skin tones. Blends and layers really well. The sample bundles are a great value! Seeing the palette selections also helps me decide which colors to buy individually (if I already have some of the colors).

Ruby L.
Christmas present

Came earlier than expected and was wrapped in cute Christmas tape on the pots. Lovely hand written note on the invoice and was all round an easy experience! Friend was absolutely chuffed with the colours.