Our normal turn-around time (TAT) is currently 14 working days. Normally orders are processed and shipped well within the TAT. If we expect to exceed the normal TAT for whatever reason on your order, we will contact you and make other arrangements if necessary. This turn-around-time may be extended officially and temporarily, in which case a notice will be posted at the top of the website giving further information. The TAT begins the calendar day after your order is submitted. Orders will not be filled on weekends.


Your personal details will be held in confidence by Crow & Pebble. We will not share or sell your information to any third party. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details on how your personal information will be used by us.

Custom Orders

Please contact us if you are looking for something specific that we do not have in stock. We can quote you a price for a custom order, and this price will include an initial shade and up to 2 slight modifications (Hue and tone adjustments only).Once a custom order has been processed, we cannot accept any cancellations or returns. A partial refund may be given on a case-by-case basis. All of our shipping policies apply to custom orders. 

Custom orders will normally be paid by Paypal Invoice. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. 

Initial consultation and quote for custom orders are completely free. 


All of our products are completely vegan and cruelty-free. The micas are sourced from countries that do not exploit child labour. Our material distributors do not engage with any companies that do any animal testing whatsoever.  Our magnesium stearate is vegetable derived. 

Our products are tested on mostly-willing friends and family. 

When applicable, our cultivated ingredients are fair-trade where possible. This includes any ingredients derived from shea, cocoa, coffee or cane sugar.

Our ingredients are not guaranteed to come from organic sources.  


All prices include VAT where applicable. 


We accept all major credit cards and credit/debit cards through Shopify payments, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

We do not accept cheques, money orders or cash.

UK customers can contact us directly for an invoice and bank transfer option, to be paid before your order begins processing. When you contact us with your order details, we will send you an invoice with our transfer details, and when it is paid we will e-mail you a receipt. At this point your order will be considered completed and your shipping TAT will begin the folowing calendar day.  In your e-mail, please include the list of products you'd like to order (including size and packaging options), whether you'd like the order to be shipped with tracking, and contact details so that we can set up an order. 


We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time for a complete refund. 


Please check the product description pages for information on lip and eye safety. 

We do not use PET glitters in any of our products.


Please see our Wholesale page for more information on our wholesale policies. We do welcome wholesale inquiries. 

Public Relations Packages

If you're a blogger or YouTube reviewer, we have several different promotional packages available. Please contact us with links to your social media profiles or blog and your plan for using the products, and we can discuss which package we can offer you based on your following and our current marketing budget. These packages may range from a special discount to free product. 

We do not accept unsolicited e-mails from social media influencers or prospective brand promoters. 

We are happy to discuss collaborations with makeup artists and photographers. 

Intellectual Property

All pigment blends are proprietary and belong to Crow & Pebble. All packaging and concept art is the intellectual property of Karen McCusker unless otherwise stated. Literary inspirations and quotes thereof are the intellectual property of their original authors.