Curse of Dimensionality

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This is a clear sky blue matte shade.


Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Chromium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Blue 1, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax.

Eyeshadow size options
  • Samples contain 1/8 tsp of loose eyeshadow (or approximately 0.25g). If the Sample Jar option is chosen, samples will come in a 5ml jar without any label art.
  • Half and Full sizes are packaged in 5g Plastic Cosmetics jars.
  • Half sizes contain 1/2 tsp of loose eyeshadow (or approximately 1g) Full sizes contain 1 tsp of loose eyeshadow (or approximately 2g).
  • Matte shades weigh more than shimmer shades because they are more dense, so we fill by volume rather than weight.
  • The cosmetics jars do NOT come with sifters.
  • Both half and full sizes feature label art stickers on the lids for their particular collection.
  • Shades pictured here are representative for size and do not represent any particular shade.
  • Our jars do not come with sifters.
  • This colour is vegan.
  • Lip Safe!
  • Arm swatches are by on Instagram. Left is over bare skin, right is over our Blank Page primer in Cotton.

Customer Reviews

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Maddison B.
The colour is gorgeous

The colour is sooo beautiful, almost like a really light, bright sea blue. The sample size actually came with quite a lot of powder in there. The only thing is that blending and getting an even application of colour is quite difficult. This could be because it's really my first time using loose pigment. I use Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy as a base.