Lady of the Stars, She Without Equal

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Qetesh was a goddess adopted into the Ancient Egyptian religion from Ancient Canaan. She was primarily worshipped in Syria as a goddess of love, fertility and pleasure. She is pictured holding a snake in one hand and a lotus in the other - both symbols of creative energy. She stands atop a lion, and is associated with deities of both nurture and war - she is an embodiment of the physical power of love and sexuality.

Her blush is blue, for the deep indigo on the starry sky and for the blue lotus flowers she carries. It is a colour for creative energy and otherworldly beauty.

This is a matte, loose blush in a deep red-violet shade. Moderately pigmented, but still sheer to allow natural beauty to shine through. This is a buildable pigment.

Mica, Dimethylimidazolidinone Rice Starch, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide,Ultramarine, Blue 1, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax.

This colour is vegan. 

Eye Safe. Lip Safe. 

Sample is 1/4 teaspoon in a large sample baggie.
Half is 1 teaspoon in a 20g jar.
Full size is 2.5 teaspoons in a 20g jar.
Face products do not include sifters.