Mother Moon, She Whom the Fox Loves

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Mama Killa, the Incan Moon Goddess, was the third most powerful of her pantheon, after the gods of the Sun and of Thunder. According to legend, Mama Killa was the mother to the founders of the Incan Empire. She is the goddess of marriage, and defender of women. She took the shape of a beautiful woman who cried tears of silver. Lunar eclipses were understood to be Mama Killa fighting off a wild animal. Her association with the tides made her a primary focus of worship in the Ince Empire, where she was loved for her admirable beauty and benefits she bestowed on the world. It was said that the dark spots on the moon came from a time when a fox fell in love with her, and when he rose up to her, she held him tight and the dark spots are patches of his fur left on her skin.

Mama Killa was a goddess of comfort, protection, shelter and love, protecting the Inca from the darkness of night, and protecting women in their daily lives, relationships and cycles of their life. For this, and for her association with foxes, we have chosen a lively, deep orange shade, the colour of joy, determination and balance.

This is a matte, loose blush in a warm medium-deep orange shade. Moderately pigmented, but still sheer to allow natural beauty to shine through. This is a buildable pigment.


Mica, Dimethylimidazolidinone Rice Starch, Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Yellow 6, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax.


Items are filled by volume rather than by weight.

  • Sample Bags are 1/4 tsp (approximately 0.5mL) of product in a medium plastic bag.
  • Sample Jars are 1/4 tsp (approximately 0.5mL) of product in a 5mL acrylic jar.
  • Half sizes are 1 tsp (approximately 2g) of product in a 20ml sifter jar.
  • Full sizes are 2tsp (approximately 4g) of roduct in a 20ml sifter jar.


  • This shade is vegan.
  • This shade is eye safe and lip safe.