Mystery Case

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It was a dark and stormy night. The heavy clouds and mist made the city look like a silver screen film: all black and white. The colour of the streets, the lamps, the cars all drained away under the heavy cast of rain.

All except her red dress. She was a blonde bombshell in a bright red dress - a real head-turner, they would say. She wore a classic red lipstick and her eyeshadow could make the blankest stare smoulder.  She passed you by in the corridor. You were on your way back from a particularly complicated case - back to the office to unwind with an expensive single malt. Gift from your last client. 

She smiled as you passed, a blinding white Hollywood smile. 

"Goodnight, Corbyn," she touched your cheek as she passed, and disappeared into the elevator, leaving your life as quickly as she had appeared. At the end of the hall, your office door was open. 

In gold letters on the window: Raven Fox, P.I. No Case Too Small. On your desk, a small brown envelope, stamped in red with a strange key engraving and addressed to Corbyn Fox, Private Eye.

A new case.

What's inside this package? Well, that's a mystery! If you're overwhelmed by the options and don't know what to pick, this option is for you. You'll get a random 5 eyeshadows for a 20% discount!


As each mystery case is unique, we cannot give a specific ingredients list. Please check eyeshadow product pages for more information about each eyeshadows ingredients. Please let us know if you are sensitive to any particular ingredient or colourant so that we do not include shades that use that particular ingredient.


  • Samples contain 1/8 tsp of loose eyeshadow (or approximately 0.25mL). If the Sample Jar option is chosen, samples will come in a 5ml jar without any label art.
  • Half sizes contain 1/2 tsp (or approximately 1g) of product in a 5mL jar without sifter.
  • Half feature label art stickers on the lids for their particular collection.


  • Multiple orders of the mystery case across different orders may include duplicate samples and the contents of each mysery case is not tracked.
  • Shades are chosen entirely at random, although if you have any preferences as to finish or colour family, please make it known in the order comments field on the cart page.
  • Specific product requests will not be taken into account in the random choice.
  • If you order other eyeshadows alongside a mystery case, we will make every effort not to duplicate those shades in your Mystery case. We cannot guarantee, however, that the shades in a Mystery case will not be duplicates of shades you may have ordered in the past.

Customer Reviews

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Oi Yuk Shiu

Mystery Case


Loved experimenting with these shades! A lovely selection.

Amber M

The colors I received were beautiful and they wore well even without a primer. I loved the variety of colors I received.

Interesting combinaison

This was my first purchase from thé brand. I swatched them first on my hand without a primer. It takes two dips to start seeing the colours proprely. I should also say that this is my first time trying loose eyeshadow. The combo of colours were nicely chosen and makes for soft look except for the mauve which is much more pigmented than thé rest. But i still love the shimmers and glitters.

Sarah Beamish
Stunning eyeshadows

This was my first purchase, wasn’t sure what to expect- ended up being bowled over by the shadows, they’re so beautiful and quite unique shades. Dew in a thistle cup is unbelievable, I want to use it every day. Definitely will be making a bigger purchase soon!