Perfume Oil Discovery Flight 6

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Not sure what to try first? Get a Discovery Flight and  try 5 different scents at once! These fragrances mostly feature resinous notes such as incense, elemi, benzoin and amber or mineralic notes like smoke and salt. Or both! In this Discovery Flight you'll get 1 1mL sample of each of the following 5 fragrances:

Secrets of the Earth: Hemlock spruce, earl grey tea, belladonna, bay laurel, sacred resins, black musk and patchouli.

Potentiality:  Smoking church incense, tea roses, daffodil, red apple and bergamot.

Abstraction: Silver amber, elemi resin, campfire smoke, orris root, bitter orange, black pepper and clove.

Sea of Stars: Driftwood, patchouli, vetiver, fathomless black ocean water, star anise, tobacco and delicate white petals.

Figures of Delight: Blood red roses, orris, nutmeg, a cup of spiced cherry cordial, golden amber, benzoin and orange blossom water.


Please see the product page for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!


  • These scents are vegan.
  • Any notes related to animal products, such as honey, ambergris and musks are artistic accords and do not contain any animal products.
  • Sample sizes are 1g each packaged in 2mL amber glass bottles. 1g of fragrance oil is slightly more than 1mL in volume. We package by weight for a consistent volume in each sample. 

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Beamish
Great way to give scents a try!

The flight is a great idea, with so many unusual scents it was hard to pick one of two to try- the samples are a good enough size to try them out a few times and this particular flight is a great autumn/winter choice!