The Lady Jessica

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What had the Lady Jessica to sustain her in her time of trial? Think you carefully on this Bene Gesserit proverb and perhaps you will see: "Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. Climb the mountain just a little to test that it's a mountain. From the top of the mountain, you cannot see the mountain." 
--from "Muad'Dib: Family Commentaries" by the Princess Irulan

This deep wine shade is inspired by the strong force that is the Sayyadina Jessica, concubine to Duke Leto Atreides and mother of Paul Muad'Dib, the Dune Messiah. 

Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet, Ultramarine, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Carnauba Wax

Our jars do not come with sifters. This colour is vegan.

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