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Not sure what to try first? Get a Discovery Flight and  try 5 different scents at once!  In this Discovery Flight you'll get 1 1mL sample of each of the following 5 fragrances:

Trickster: A playful blend of tomato leaf, tobacco, neroli, melon, oakmoss and musk, topped by just a twist of grapefruit.

Mother of the Stars:  Opens with a spray of sea breeze and bright lime, followed by a heart of lotus, lemongrass, ginger and tropical fruit on a base of ambergris and cedar.

Celestial Fox:  A spicy blend of ginger, cardamom and clove pairs with lotus and champaca flowers over a resinous golden amber and sandalwood base. A splash of bitter orange completes.

Heart of the Mountain:  Golden copal and honey with a hint of sweet vanilla support a bright, fruity blend of pineapple, tobacco, cinnamon leaf, black pepper and citrus.

Maiden Crane:  A bouquet of roses, jasmine and bitter orange blossom, sprigs of rosemary, ginger and tangerine, sandalwood and cedar.


Please see the product page for each scent for more details about potential allergens. Thank you!


  • These scents are vegan.
  • Any notes related to animal products, such as honey, ambergris and musks are artistic accords and do not contain any animal products.
  • Sample sizes are 1g each packaged in 2mL amber glass bottles. 1g of fragrance oil is slightly more than 1mL in volume. We package by weight for a consistent volume in each sample. 

Customer Reviews

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Lovely store and fragrances

Beautiful scents and the owner an absolute pleasure to deal with. There was a mistake in my order and she fixed it with no fuss. Perfumes are an interesting mix of scents with Trickster my favourite. Very happy with everything I purchased.

Roubini Pontikaki
A great experience!

I frequently get headaches from perfume so for the best part of a decade I had completely given up on it. But recently I have wanted to sample some perfumes in order to try to understand which notes give me headaches and which do not, as well as start exploring the (very magical) world of scent.

I am ecstatic at the experience. It's been so much fun exploring the notes of each perfume, wearing them, learning to layer them. The little samples contain enough perfume for ample testing and then some more. The ones contained in this sampler kit are unique and interesting, not one of them obvious, but all pretty wearable. My two favourites have been Mother of the Stars and Trickster (in no particular order). I will definitely gift myself more of these sample flights (and quite possibly a full size or two). I think I will come back to leave a separate review for each perfume in its own page so that they are more useful for people navigating the website.

Finally, a word about the names of Crow& Pebble products which never fail to capture my imagination.


Disclaimer: these are my first experience with indie perfume and perfume oils. And after reading about resting perfume oils, and getting a little lost in the topic, I basically cried I'm a newb at this and asked questions in the notes section of my order. Thankfully I was very kindly helped with information, and so I set them aside for 3 days at least before testing any on some paper strips.

I love these sample sets, I actually have the other two as well, but haven't got round to testing them yet so only reviewing this. The little sample bottles have a hinged plastic stopper/dropper cap, as well as the bottle cap visible in photos. So the amount that can come out when opened fully is more controllled. I feel like the amount is good for testing well, however these are my first indie perfume oil samples and I've no solid previous experience to compare to. I just think the amount you get, versus how much I use to try them out, that I will well know my thoughts before even finishing one of the bottles off.

Still testing individual scents for how they go on my actual skin, but so far Maiden Crane and Mother of the Stars have caught my attention the most. That could change with actual wear. Highly reccommend these sample sets though, such a great way to try. Plus personally I'm finding it a great way to learn the notes and types of fragrances I like most, or that don't appeal as much.

Fiona Davis
Perfume with a difference....I love it!

Loving Flight 1 samples and still trying to decide on a favourite. Celestial Fox is top atm. Definitely want to buy Flight 2 when I can afford it 😊


Each one of these was a joy to try out. They're all beautifully balanced and a little bit goes a long way- which is what you want for a perfume oil. They last a very long time, the base note often being around the next morning, and they aren't weak in sillage either like a lot of oils I have tried before.
There is enough of each scent to get many, many applications out of it which gives you ample amount of time to try them out.
On top of all of that each one feels as though you're applying a bit of magic each time!
I am definitely going to continue working my way through the other Discovery Flights.